Why Traci is GREAT - both as a lawyer and a person

“Traci was my lawyer during my divorce process that lasted more than 1 year. Beyond her excellent expertise, valuable experience, and thoroughness, I appreciated the fact that she and her team were both personable and efficient. Would definitely recommend her to anybody needing similar services.”

- Dimitris

Professional, Intelligent, Witty, Supportive and Outstanding!

“Traci is an all-around extraordinary woman, she from the very beginning took the time to understand the particulars of my case and advised me with the best possible outcomes at every turn.

Traci took over my case after my first attorney had totally dropped the ball. She then recovered the lost ground and got me to where I needed to be.

In the courtroom: 
She was a rockstar. Being represented by her confidence and strength, I overcame my fear and anxiety while sitting next to her in the courtroom. She maintained the highest coordination with the opposing counsel.

In Traci’s office: 
Every time I met her in her office, she was warm, kind, and patient. 
She understood my case and my (on-going separation) emotions so well and gave me valuable advice to handle my ex-spouse, which was the sanest thing possible in that situation. So she was also my personal counselor :)

She genuinely cares about her clients. She's focused and passionate about her work, doing what is right and fair for all.

Traci pretty much achieved everything I needed out of my divorce financially, child custody, and helped build an amazing court order. She was calm, composed and collective during the hearings we had, and she never failed or disappointed me. I felt I put my life and my daughter’s life in her hands and she took care of us all the way.

I do not have enough positive words to describe what an incredible job Traci did with my case, and I truly couldn’t have gotten through this painful time of my life without her support and expertise.

Alex and Sue from Traci’s legal team were prompt and went above and beyond for all my requests.

6 months post-divorce now, and I’m still trying to move on - but looking back at those dark days of divorce and child custody battles, I would have to say that Traci and her team were like the angels watching over my shoulders.

Thank you once again, Capistrant Law.”

- Harish


“Personal attention, compassion and absolute trust! Traci did an EXCELLENT job with my case. I feel so blessed to have worked with her through this difficult period in my life. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!!! Traci is AMAZING!!!!”

“I found myself in need of a Divorce Attorney in 2013.  A fellow attorney recommended Traci Capistrant. When I met with Traci, I just knew she was the one to represent me.

 I had several initial consultations with other Attorneys before Traci, but none had the personal touch Traci was able to show in a short initial visit.

Traci made the connection that I was looking for; she cared enough to want to know everything before she accepted my case.

I knew I was asking a lot of any Attorney that would take on my case as I knew it was going to be a long process based on who I was dealing with.  Traci and I grew to trust and respect each other without question. 

Through the entire 2.5 year partnership Traci was by my side giving me excellent advice and protection through mediation and trial. Neither of us could have known the many challenges that we would be up against based on who we were dealing with. This was a challenging case, Traci would agree that my case had many 1st times for her and our Judge and she got me through it with grace and honor.

Traci took an extremely difficult time of my life and was able to put humanity back into my world. She and her team went above and beyond to take care of me in my situation. 

If you are in search of a family Attorney that is honest, trustworthy, strong, concise, supportive, and attentive.  Traci is a person I would highly recommend to support you.”

- Kathy S.